Graciela Salgado and Las Alegres Ambulancias

Part of the body of work: Daughters of the Muntu

Las Alegres Ambulancias is an ancestral Bullerengue music group, that honors the tradition of mothers and grandmothers of the Salgado Valdés Family, who sang during the burial ritual Lumbalú in San Basilio de Palenque. Their history traces back to the founding of San Basilio, the first town of free enslaved people in Améfrica Ladina* and the use of the “pechiche” drum, which was the communicator between the palenques in the Caribbean Region of Colombia. 

In 2009 I had the opportunity to work as assistant director and script in a documentary film about the Salgado Valdés Family and the voice leader of Las Alegres Ambulancias, Graciela Salgado.

The following images were made during filming. 
documentary photography
San Basilio de Palenque