Chapter: Caribbean Region of Colombia.

In my long-term interdisciplinary project Movements.Manifesting.Monuments,
I develop performances, interventions and staged photographs in public spaces in close collaboration with local female collectives, which take the form of what I’ve called corpo-monuments. The corpo-monuments are counter-hegemonic group performances and stagings by and of activists and community leaders in the public space. The aesthetics of these interventions, while resembling the aesthetics of the urban monument as we know it today, occupies and transgresses it, proposing othersfrom a decolonial, feminist and collective perspective.

Each corpo-monument developed with each collective is unique in its own way. Each one represents the distinctiveness of the collective’s work, purposes and characteristics. Nevertheless they all seek to inscribe their presence, existence and effort in the collective narrative and memory of their locality as well as to intervene and reclaim the public space as a safe space for women, queer people and children.

I realized the first chapter in the Caribbean Region of Colombia during my artist residency at Plataforma Caníbal from November 2021 until January 2022. There, I worked closely with five different women collectives. We engaged in conversations about their work for women’s rights, visibility, and safety in public spaces. In workshops we sketched and planned together the performances and stagings of each collective’s corpo-monument. On the day of the performance and intervention, the corpo-monuments were documented in video and photography. The conversations were recorded in audio.

Movements.Manifesting.Monuments is designed as a long-term project and as an online platform that continues to grow in new chapters in cities around the world connecting the different experiences and knowledges of local women collectives.
This first charpter was developed between November 2021 and January 2022 in the Caribbean region of Colombia and was funded by the Berlin Global stipend of the Senate for Culture and Europa of the city of Berlin.

Current state: Post-Production.
The photographs, videos and audios will be uploaded soon on this website.

Matronas Cocineras de Luruaco
Bloque Feminista MASM & Cabildo Kamaash-hú
CORCONPA Barrio Abajo
Yo Amo mis Rizos
Kasimba de Sueños 

with the support of Plataforma Caníbal in Barranquilla.

Art Direction and Photography: Raisa Galofre
Production Assistance: Xenia Cortés & Marvin Systermans
Video: David Lombana

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