Manufacture of distorted images

The city of Sevilla in Spain is the home of the Archivo General de Indias (General Archive of the Indies), the institution where great part of the documents that report about the colonization of Améfrica Ladina (the Americas) and the Caribbean from the Spanish perspective are carefully preserved and secured. In addition to that, the city and its port were fundamental locations for the advancement and development of colonization during its first decades. Evident and not so evident traces of these times and events can be still seen and sensed today.

In this multimedia performative project I, a Caribbean/Ladina Améfricana woman, engage as a subject wandering, confronting and playing with what she sees and senses in this city and its Archivo General ( which mostly comes with no surprise). By performing different acts of exploration“ and „surfacing“, I aim to unveil the traps of the absolutism of these archives while embracing the once denied possibility of telling stories (His-Herstories) otherwise.
photography, object, video

wanderings in Sevilla responding to traces and sings that connect to the stories in the Archivo General de Indias

Acts of surfacing (videos):
Exploring an unknown surface (territory).
Encountering and holding the findings. Reading them.
Using the pencil of the Archivo General as the tool.
The pencil is supposed help the exploring process by revealing and discovering the new and unknown findings. It might bring understanding.
The unvailed picture – handmade photocopy – is not more an blurry interpretation.

Objects used for the action in the video: blank white paper, Euro coin and the pencil from the Archivo General.


hand made photocopies of coins on white paper and photos of exhibited objects, images and sculptres in and around the Archivo General de Indias.

to watch the videos, visit: Manufacture of distorted images