Cundé Cundé 

Cundé Cundé is a collection of photographs that were taken during my various travels to and within the Caribbean region of Colombia since 2015.

The title of this collection is as well the title of a popular song in the Caribbean region of Colombia composed and performed by Juana Emilia Herrera García, also known as “La niña Emilia”. The melody and rhythm of Cundé Cundé remind me of my childhood, the December breezes, the sea, the carnivals of my hometown Barranquilla. By naming this collection of photographs like that song I’m calling all those feelings and memories, beings and souls from the region I am from. 

Like traces of my journey through the region, I perceive this collection of photographs like a dance: they describe different movements, times, sounds, encounters, pauses through my travels as well as the landscapes and the people and beings I’ve encountered on my way.
2015 – Ongoing

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