De las Raíces / From the Roots

Lo unitario tiende a destrucción (The unitary tends towards destruction)
and creation in ambiguity is painful
I find ways to move within inner malleable grounds


I take the form of
and change my form into...

La transformación es supervivencia (Transformation is survival)
my body keeps the traces of it

of them, las transformaciones

As well as of the silence
the shame
the violence

La tradición nos vió crecer (Tradition has seen us grow)
crecimos en la tradición (We grew up in the tradition)

There are traditions to be broken
traditions to be revived
traditions to be started

and there, they are her, his, their hands holding, caring
messing around, communicating and interfering at the same time

Me sostengo en ellas (I hold on to them)
y me alejo de ellas (and I stay away from them)

But like veins, the trunk and branches of the pear tree
that my grandmother and greatgrandmother planted
run through my body

grounding me

sharing with me the wisdom that cannot
be expressed in words

Lo unitario es destrucción (The unitary is destruction)
las combinaciones son infinitas (Combinations infinite)
I find ways
I let the ways find me
This photographic series is the outcome of a photographic performance I did in the back yard of my parents house - where I grew up- in Barranquilla,Colombia.

Performance based photography and text, 2020