Supporting Surfaces

There is always something supporting something in oder for that something to become something. The question is: At what cost? Under which conditions?
Field notes from my visual research in Bangalore.

In this Series I'm visually navigating through the surfaces of the city landscapes of Bangalore, India by focusing on the materials, from which they are made of. The modern and so-called traditional as well as the labour that make the modernist endeavors of a city, like this one, possible are topics of this series.

In this series I go beyond the mere representation of the urban and reinterpret it metaphorically through photographic sculptures, stagings and documentary photographs. Supporting Surfaces is my personal outcome from the series Concrete Discontinuities, that was developed in collaboration with Marvin Systermans during our artist residency at the Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan in collaboration with the Indian Institute for Human Settlements.
2019 - 2020

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