Aus Hand und Stein / From Hands and Stones

Growing up learning about the History (with capital H) of Améfrica Ladina and the Caribbean from a European point of view, I asked myself, how would the narration of History or historic events look like if the narrator were from the Global South? And in this sense, how would I, an immigrant woman artist living in Germany, narrate historic events that have taken place in this part of the world?

Driven by these reflections and my ongoing research on Photography, Modernity and Coloniality, I developed a photo series that, based on archival material, symbolically and metaphorically re-visits and re-imagines the postwar period from 1945 to 1955 in Germany.

To report about this time I developed a photographic series, in which the primary sources of my research, like archival photos I collected from books and the Internet and photos of art works produced during that time, were both object of research and material for creation. In the Information I collected I focused on the relation between human being, object and material.

In this narration the facts are extrapolated and stylized with an imaginative tint and the objects represented in the archival images, as well as the materials from which they are made, are extracted from their source to be reinterpreted, staged and represented in new images. As a result, a non-linear and imaginative narrative emerges that, based on historical evidence, reveals how other forms and subjectivities would interpret facts that construct what we call History.

aus Hand und Stein (From Hands and Stones) is an exercise of visual History storytelling from a non-western perspective in the context of western societies and arts.
Aus Hand und Stein was a commissioned
work in the framework of the100 years
jubilee of the University of Arts and Design Burg Giebichenstein Halle.
The overall project is called 10MAL10BURG100.
To learn more about it, please go to: Blog - 10MAL10Burg100

2015 - 2016