hierzulande / In this Land

As I looked back and thought about the time I've been living in Germany, the images that came to my mind were a mixture of facts, fantasy with a "touch of magic". The things and experiences that had impressed me the most, like to have been for the first time in the woods or to have lived in a house almost old like my hometown, were translated into images that processed these memories in a magic-realistic way. In these images, both facts from my experience and fantastic elements were put together in the same level in order to "create a world", in which their coexistence could be feasible. In this way, the fantasy would play an ordinary role in a realistic environment and ordinary realistic environments would carry some fantasy.

To set this photographic narration of my personal impressions about Germany, I got inspired by the literary form Magic Realism, whose significance in Améfrica Ladina has transcended the words to express itself in the everyday life.

In this project I see Germany from a very personal perspective in which the magic, fantasy and imagination enable other ways to perceive and experience this country.