In the Beginning was the Sea /
Primero estaba el Mar

“The Caribbean is a cocktail of colonial psychosis” 
– Beatriz Santiago Muñoz
from Forms of Education: Couldn’t get a sense of it

Modernity is a series of stories and narratives,
in which weLatin Americans and Caribbean people,
are purposely left out.

The tail of so-called progress hits us
leaving behind erased memories, rivers of plastic,
plates covered with sand.

And yet, we, here, in these lands of old
and new colonial enterprises,
consciously or unconsciously are still carrying
the weight of a colonial heritage

that often does not allow us to look at ourselves
genuinely, sincerely.

How can we, Caribbean, visually articulate the
mixtures, contradictions and encounters that
constantly influence our many identities and histories?

What images can we imagine and create that dare to
counter-narrate fixed repetitive narratives
about ourselves inherited from a colonial past?

In the Beginning was the Sea engages in a search for
visual imaginaries and stories from the Colombian
Caribbean region, revealing the signs of coloniality
that form them.
A selection of images

2018 – Ongoing
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