Home as a photo album

(working title)
Part of the body of work: Daughters of the Muntu

Family photos, excerpts of newspapers, photocopies of ID cards, painted portraits arranged and displayed on the walls of the living room of the houses of Cantaoras, turn these spaces in big walking family album or home-like-gallery/museum. Here family stories are told in a non-linear way, connecting time, beings and media for the purposes of love, remembrance and eternal presence.

These photographs were made at the homes of Graciela Salgado Valdés, Rosalina Cañates Pardo and Petrona Martínez.
documentary photography
San Basilio de Palenque and
Arjona, Bolívar
January 2022 

Much gratitud to the Cantaoras and their families,
who trusted me and opened the doors of their homes to 
photograph their beloved memories.